Customer testimonials

“The workshops are a must-do for lovers of indoor-plants! I highly recommend this propagation workshop. Brittany is friendly, knowledgable, and generous with her time and
– Rebecca

“The plant workshop was a wonderful event hosted by Brittany.
The morning was filled with good people, conversation and plants. Brittany was extremely knowledgeable”
– Chante

“Great products and always packed with so much care. Really love buying and interacting with you. Thank you for the service and accommodating my extra requirements.”
– Roeshana

“All the cuttings arrived in great condition and in environmentally conscious packaging – super impressed.
The service was outstanding!”
– Terri

“It’s in the name! Britt treats your plants like a mother treats her child, hehe. Please come back to give our plants some love, you’re amazing! Thanks Britt!”
– Tristan (Rooftop on Bree)

“Because of you, I have become so much more experimental and interested in plants and propagation. I always feel like I can reach out if I am having an issue.”
– Lauren

“I can tell you the usual things. Great service, beautifully packed. Super fast delivery. Healthy cutting. What did surprise me was how propagating my own little plants would excite me. This is such a wonderful way of growing your collection… I am hooked!”
– Rene

“What an amazing experience with such extensive care to the little details. I learnt so much about how to take care of my plant babies. Brit was so professional and provided me with the knowledge that made taking care of my plants easy to understand and manage on a weekly basis.”
– Ceri

“I’m in love with everything, package and product.”
– Karin

“Beautiful packaging and great customer service!”
– Megan

“I am super happy with my propagation station! Great service and quality! Yay to many more planting!”
– Kirstin

“Thank you for the beautiful service. I can’t wait to order more propagation boxes when I’m in my new home!”
– Janet

All the cuttings arrived in great condition and in environmentally conscious packaging – super impressed. The service was outstanding!
– Terri

“I’ll definitely would do business with Mammas Plants again. They were helpful, friendly, efficient and professional. The packaging my purchase came is was also so awesome. Thank you.”
– Samantha

“Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service, and product! And your presentation was the cherry on the top!”
– Angela

“I love the simplicity of the products, and the wood is beautifully silky too.”
– Jill

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