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“Such a beautifully made propagation station. It is simple, classic and timeless. I love it! Goes well anywhere in our home. Just perfect for my little plant babas. Thank you!!”
– Dominique

“I bought one of Mamma’s Plants’ propagation stations and it is GORGEOUS. It looks even better than the pictures and arrives all wrapped up in the sweetest box with propagating instructions and even rooting powder. 10/10 would recommend! Thank you Mamma’s Plants!”
– Cass

“I am super happy with my propagation station! Great service and quality! Yay to many more planting!”
– Kirstin

“I’m so happy with my new propagation station. The base is real wood and the tubes are removable so you can easily wash them out in between striking. Thanks Britt for sorting the delivery so quickly for me! Would highly recommend these hand crafted stations and they make perfect gifts too”.
– Shona

“I got my first propagation station from Mamma’s Plants last month… and I love itl. It fits in BEAUTIFULLY with our rustic interior…. and it just forces me to learn even more about my plants. Now I can make babies of my favourite plants!”
– Elaine

“The service and products have been amazing and professional, so I will definitely be coming back. Moreover, I couldn’t be happier to find a local store that makes such beautiful hand crafted products.”
– Jenna

“I absolutely LOVE my propagation station! As a matter of fact, I had to get another one for my bestie just so we can swap plants.
The base is really sturdy and well made & Brit is lovely and great to chat to about plants.
Definitely recommend!”
– Justine

“I’ll definitely would do business with Mammas Plants again. They were helpful, friendly, efficient and professional. The packaging my purchase came is was also so awesome. Thank you.”
– Samantha

“Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service, and product! And your presentation was the cherry on the top!”
– Angela

“I love the simplicity of the products, and the wood is beautifully silky too.”
– Jill

” Thank you so much for the beautiful packaging. From the handwritten message to the carefully wrapped items, to the prints and then the actual items … aaaand the rooting powder (what a pleasant surprise). I loved every minute of the unwrapping. The items are very well-made indeed.”
– Theresa

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