Rooting systems


Before you start experimenting with propagation, it’s also helpful to understand what roots are and why they’re so important.  Plants, like humans, have specialized organs that help them survive and reproduce in a variety of habitats. The major organs of a plant include the roots, stems, and leaves. They are found almost entirely underground and […]

Winter plant care: how to keep your plants happy!

winter plant care

Most houseplants go dormant during the colder months but they do feel the change in season like we do. It can be quite daunting and stressful to see your plants deteriorate, so here are some of my go-to Winter plant care tips: Cut back on watering Your plants still need water, but not as much […]

The begonia brigade – how to care for your begonias!


Begonias are beautiful. Don’t you agree? They’re so unique and pretty to look at! We love them so much that we decided to feature a selection of begonia cuttings in our May subscription plant box! Propagating and caring for begonias can feel quite daunting, so we thought it would be a good idea to put […]

Understanding houseplants and how to care for them


Houseplants are amazing! They make you happy, help you decorative a space and oxygenate your environment. What could be better?
While plants have specific needs, their ongoing care doesn’t need to be so daunting once you’ve understood some key concepts.