How it began

“Mamma’s Plants fuses together my love of plants, wooden decor and making spaces homely.”

The journey began in 2019 when I was looking for prettier alternatives to displaying my plant cuttings at home. Being an avid plant collector, I really enjoy propagating plants but don’t like how cluttered my space gets with random jars scattered around the house.

I’d seen propagation stations on Instagram but couldn’t find anything that I liked available for sale in South Africa, so I set out to make some for myself. Things took off from there as word got out about my propagation stations, and thus Mamma’s Plants was born!

I’m a down-to-earth plant mamma who believes everyone should get to experience the joy plants can bring. My house wouldn’t be a home without my plants and I’m on a mission to help people create happy, healthy urban jungles of their own.

Brittany Miller xx