Indoor plants that propagate well

If you’re new to growing plants, want to propagate them but aren’t sure what to start with, then this post is for you! In my last post, I introduced the topic of propagation and how it works, now I’d like to show you some indoor plants that propagate well.

When I first discovered propagation, I tried to propagate everything. I didn’t really know what I was doing… I just wanted more plants! I can recall many occasions where my propagations failed due to rot or wilting, and while it was really frustrating, I definitely learnt a lot in the process.

I think it’s important to experiment on your own, but a little direction goes a long way when you’re first starting off:


Good plants to propagateGood plants to propagate(Pictured above is the heart-leaf philodendron and the pink princess)

You get many different kinds of philodendrons but most of them root in the same way. These plants have nodes (little bumps on the stem) which help them grow, so if you want to propagate a philodendron, simply cut below a node, pop into one of our propagation vases and wait for roots!


Good plants to propagate
(Pictured above is the begonia maculata)

Begonias are mesmerizing plants that are largely propagated via stem or leaf cuttings. I won’t go into how leaf cuttings work because I have yet to figure it out, but I can confirm that stem cuttings definitely work! Just cut a healthy stem off your mother plant and pop into your medium of choice.


Good plants to propagate
(Pictured above is the tradescantia tricolor)

Tradescantia are very fast growers which make for beautiful vining plants. These plants grow like weeds if you give them the right living conditions. There are different types of tradescantia but we mainly get the tricolor and zebrina in South Africa. Just like begonias, all you need to do is snip a stem cutting, pop it into some water/soil and wait for growth!


Good plants to propagate
(Pictured above is the golden pothos)

Nowadays, pothos is a very common houseplant which is often confused with philodendrons. They can be fast growers and are propagated in the same way as their counterpart, via nodes! To propagate a pothos, all you need to do is cut a healthy stem below a node and propagate in your medium of choice.


Good plants to propagate
(Pictured above is the moonshine syngonium)

Syngoniums are one of the hardiest plants out there. I personally think they’re one of the best plants to propagate because they’re such fast growers! Syngoniums have many growth nodes, so just snip a section below the node, pop into some water and wait for the roots to grow.

I could go on and on, but I’m should probably stop there. There are many types of plants out there but I think these are some good ones to experiment with first.

If you want to give it a go, check out my previous post for a step by step guide to propagating plants. It’s important to note that you might lose a couple of cuttings along the way, but I can guarantee that you’ll have lots of fun and enjoy seeing your new babies grow!

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  1. Roche says:

    Hi I think your propergating advice is very good. I started with cuttings under the Hydrangea shrubs in my Grans patio and ended having a big nursery where I grew everything myself until the business ran away with me. I am now 84 and cannot pass a good cutting and now have a homebased cottage industry in Diep River. Where are you gardening? I would love to do a demo in the garden of all aspects of gardening, but have no marketing skills. If you are in CapeTown do come and see my passionate pasttime

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