Rare plant box subscription


* These subscriptions come with free shipping

Experiment with plant propagation and grow your collection of houseplants with our new rare plant subscription!

Each month, you’ll receive a mysterious ‘watch it grow’ style box of unrooted plant cuttings, rooting hormone, plant care goodies and accessories and detailed care instructions for each plant. You’ll also qualify for a rolling 10% discount off all product purchases from our online store.

We like to keep the plants a SURPRISE, but just in case you’re curious, you can expect to receive cuttings from plants such as:
– Monstera Standleyana
– Monstera Albo Variegata
– Variegated Maranta Leuconeura Kershoveana
– Philodendron Squamiferum
– Philodendron Brandtianum… and more!

ALSO, you’ll receive a copy of our Plant Care Diary in your first order!