Your rare plant box has arrived!
I’ve taken special care of them over the past few months and am SO happy for them to be in the hands of their new plant-parents.

Know that I’m here to help as your propagate and grow these cuttings into big, LUSH tropical houseplants.

Please check out the links below. I’ve put together some posts on the various plants, propagation methods and transplanting process.

Please look to the detailed propagation guide that I emailed you for anything else.

As Winter approaches, I’d suggest you keep your cuttings in a warm, humid space. Cuttings generally require high levels of humidity in order to grow and thrive. Regardless of the propagation medium you use, ziplocks, plastic tubes and big cookie jars work really well to create a warm, contained environment for them to root in. 

I just make sure to briefly unseal my little greenhouse setup every few days to prevent any algae/fungus from building up inside. 

And voila! If you need ANYTHING, please know that I am just a message away!

Happy propagating,